Keto Chow 1.5.0 Master (Rich Chocolate)Weight LossKetogenicTasty!

by chris.bair
Last updated December 2, 2016 Copy
AmountIngredient$ / daySource
110gDymatize Nutrition Elite (Rich Chocolate)$2.72All Star
16gAcacia Gum (Fiber)$0.49Piping Rock
6gPotassium Citrate$0.18Amazon
6gSalt$0.00Sams Club
5gNOW Cal/Mag/D3 powder$0.13All Star
2gCalcium Phosphate$0.05Freeda (also on Amazon)
2gCholine L-Bitartrate$0.06Powder City
4gXanthan Gum$0.15Amazon
1pillNow Foods MK-7 Vitamin K-2$0.21Amazon
1pillKirkland Signature Daily Multi$0.03Amazon
237mlHeavy Whipping Cream (USDA values)$1.18Costco/Sams/any grocery store
0mlMCT Oil$0.00NOW
2pillKirkland "One per day" fish oil$0.19Costco
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Total Daily Cost:
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Results from my first year doing Keto: and check out the Keto Chow subreddit!

Liquid fish oil and capsules are both here so you can choose which to use. Either 2 pills/day or 5ml a day. Just zero out one or the other.

There are prep instructions for this at I sell 7 days worth of this pre-mixed if you want to give it a try without having to buy all the stuff yourself (and after you've tried it, nobody is stopping you from mixing your own if you'd like =) see more at

This recipe has the added benefit of being customizable for people with different caloric requirements. Without any oil or cream it’s right around 500 calories/day and still hits all the right nutrients except protein, and the different fatty acids. Following the directions you’ll get 1269 calories/day (woohoo, deficit!) but you can raise that up to whatever level you want by increasing the heavy cream and/or the oil. It’s super flexible. Instructions Here

Recipes for different countries (local sources):


1.9.0 - Final iteration before Keto Chow 2.0 (which will use custom protein and flavoring). 1.9 uses a new custom manufactured vitamin/mineral pre-mix that consolidates a number of the ingredients. I'm also making MCT optional (it's still awesome for Keto though so I recommend it if your bowels tolerate it). Because creating a custom vitamin pre-mix and ordering several hundred kilograms is outside a normal DIY recipe, I'm going to leave 1.5 here and fork the recipe over to a new location. Feel free to continue making your own 1.5.

1.5.0 - Yay new version! I've switched from Psyllium Husk powder to Acacia Gum fiber (aka "gum arabic"). This has a number of great benefits including being better for your gut bacteria (most people will now be able to trust a fart when starting Keto Chow). Because psyllium husk was also acting as a thickener I've increased the xanthan gum. The end result is a nice viscosity with no perceptible texture at all. If you thought Keto Chow 1.0.4 was smooth you should be pleasantly surprised. Since it already had the flavor and now has the texture to match, the "melted icecream" is finally complete! Longer explanation of changes here:

1.0.4 - the LIQUID part of the coconut oil was causing confusion. I'm removing it in favor of just MCT. MK-4 pills have been replaced with MK-7, you still open up one for each day (7 for a week) and add it when mixing together the powder. I'm now grinding the vitamin pills with a blender. 1.53g is how much 1 pill weighs. You can grind your up and add it to the mixture like I do or you can just take one pill per day.

1.0.3 - reverted 1.0.1 change back to original calcium phosphate, that other one imparted a sandy texture.

1.0.2 - I added in the entry for "Carrington Farms Liquid Coconut Oil" that you can use instead of the MCT. To use it you would change the 0ml to 39ml and then zero out the MCT.

1.0.1 - Minor recipe changes. I changed the Calcium Phosophate to Dicalcium Phosphate with more accurate mineral content that comes in tiny and massive packages. I also changed the Psyllium Husk to one that comes in little bottles as well as 12lb bulk packs.

1.0 - No changes since 0.7.1 other than deciding it's awesome and time to come out of beta. I'm going to consider this version good for now (might make some minor modifications in the future, we'll see).

0.7.1 - removed coconut flour, tweaked protein and upped the xanthan gum just a little. To compensate for the removal of the coconut flour, Psyllium Husk has been increased to 16g

0.7 - Initial release. This is a variant of kennufs-keto-v93 with greatly simplified ingredients.

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Day
10% Carb, 25% Protein, 65% Fat
% Daily Values*
Total Carbohydrate34g
Dietary Fiber 21g
Total Fat96g
Saturated Fat58g
Monounsaturated Fat25g
Polyunsaturated Fat3g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids3g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids2g
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Pantothenic Acid
* Percent Daily Values are based on "chris.bair's Keto New". You may use the Nutrient Calculator to personalise your own profile, then select it from the list on the Recipe Editor tab.
Based on chris.bair's Keto NewChange
Calories (kcal)120012972200108%
Carbohydrates (g)2433.9141%
Protein (g)8083.81150105%
Total Fat (g)7095.99137%
Saturated Fat (g)057.89
Monounsaturated Fat (g)025.33
Polyunsaturated Fat (g)23.26163%
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (g)2.062.64128%
Omega-6 Fatty Acids (g)0.621.98320%
Total Fiber (g)16.821125%
Soluble Fiber (g)017.8
Insoluble Fiber (g)03.2
Cholesterol (mg)0482.287
Vitamin A (IU)3000701010000234%
Vitamin B6 (mg)1.32.1200159%
Vitamin B12 (ug)2.46.4268%
Vitamin C (mg)90932000104%
Vitamin D (IU)6006244000104%
Vitamin E (IU)22.5331500144%
Vitamin K (ug)120133110%
Thiamin (mg)1.21.552129%
Riboflavin (mg)1.31.961151%
Niacin (mg)1620.0923000126%
Folate (ug)320509159%
Pantothenic Acid (mg)510.604212%
Biotin (ug)3030100%
Choline (mg)550859.8163500156%
Calcium (g)12.162.5216%
Chloride (g)2.33.7086161%
Chromium (ug)3535100%
Copper (mg)0.90.91410102%
Iodine (ug)951501100158%
Iron (mg)821.489945269%
Magnesium (mg)420593.1141%
Manganese (mg)2.32.30211100%
Molybdenum (ug)45452000100%
Phosphorus (g)0.580.7114123%
Potassium (g)2.73.632135%
Selenium (ug)5556400102%
Sodium (g)22.9277146%
Sulfur (g)23.47173%
Zinc (mg)1111.545740105%

8 Reviews

1 review
a year ago
Excellent overall taste
Below average flatulence
Reviewer tried this recipe more than 10 times
Reviewer is currently using this recipe

Great taste, easy to customize and best of all it doesn't give me heart burn like every other soylent I've tried.

a year ago
Excellent overall taste
Reviewer tried this recipe more than 10 times
Reviewer is currently using this recipe

I keep having to check the ingredients wondering how this can be healthy for me... Since when did someone break down the Wendys chocolate shake recipe and post it on the diy.soylent site?

I was a backer for soylent back in May of 2013. Always told my wife if I could drink my meals and not have to worry about putting each meal together, life would be so much better! Since Soylent wasnt coming for awhile I jumped onto the DIY bandwagon in Jan 2014. I made a few of QuidNYC recipes. I figured they were tolerable and I could handle it. I mean heck, its healthy its not suppose to taste good, right?

In May I switched to quidnyc's hot keto food. I took it like a champ but it was pretty bad. I finally received my Soylent 1.0 and figured since waiting 15 months for this stuff I should give it a shot. I was back and forth from Keto diy soylent to the official Soylent. I still have a months worth of 1.4 & 1.5 in my basement.

Finally ordered a months worth from @chrisbair with 4 different flavors and not looking back..

Here is the message I sent Chris after trying all the flavors: In order.. "PB is the best.. rich chocolate is a close 2nd. The vanilla and cookies and cream are good but tough to have all day since they are so rich. I like c and c a bit more though."

Still wondering how its sooo good but also perfectly healthy. Check out his blog for tips...

I also am a grazer, and have found this to really help. I sip on this all day. Also after drinking about half the shaker bottle, I add more water. Still just as good and now lasts even longer. Try it if your a grazer like me.

I am going to try to mix the Choc on my own this next month, wish me luck!

1 review
2 years ago
Excellent overall taste
Below average flatulence
Reviewer tried this recipe more than 10 times
Reviewer is currently using this recipe

A disclaimer is that I've never tried any other Soylent recipe (even the brand name). This recipe is incredibly delicious. I've substituted the powder for Gold Standard flavored Rocky Road, but honestly I don't think it improved the flavor (although I generally prefer the Gold Standard to the one that's listed here).

I do a largely different preparation process, but it comes out the same. What I do is I mix together all of the "smaller" parts (i.e. all of the powders that aren't protein) in large quantities (last night, I made 20 days' worth), then each night I mix 2/3 of a day's quantity in a large blender along with the protein powder, heavy cream, and MCT oil. This way, I can change up my macros including protein on a daily basis without affecting my nutrition (when I have a hard workout ahead of me, I up the fat and protein; when I have a hard workout behind me, I just up the protein; when I've been lazy, I keep it at the recipe).

Subsisting on it is easy. I take weekends off to enjoy real food, and every Monday morning I find myself craving this stuff.

1 review
2 years ago
Excellent overall taste
Below average flatulence
Snacky betwen meals
Reviewer tried this recipe more than 10 times
Reviewer is currently using this recipe

THANK YOU.. I started QuidNYC Keto Food in January for three weeks and hated every minute of it, it tasted terrible (but worked!). I started again in June and after 3 days, I gave up becuase of the bad taste. Then I found Keto Chow and it made drinking/eating meals actually somewhat enjoyable. I've started to add caffeine powder, 200mg, to the mix in place of drinking coffee in the morning. For some reason, drinking this makes me not want my morning coffee so I had to somehow get my caffeine fix!

1 review
2 years ago
Excellent overall taste
Higher than average energy level
Below average flatulence
Reviewer tried this recipe more than 10 times
Reviewer is currently using this recipe

Tastes great and has pretty much no gritty mouth-feel at all. Very smooth. The flavors range from excellent (I personally love the Rich Chocolate) to "pretty good for a protein powder." Having different flavor options definitely helps when drinking Keto Chow exclusively.

Once you get all the ingredients, mixing up a week's worth of Keto Chow is a breeze and always comes out consistent. I highly recommend this recipe for the Keto Crowd.

2 years ago
Excellent overall taste
Reviewer tried this recipe once
Reviewer is currently using another recipe

I wanted to try a soylent and a ketogenic diet, so I started with QuidNYC's Ketofood. The ingredients looked appetizing, and I didn't really understand the "grittiness" complaints. The first time I tried it, at room temperature with no sweetner, I almost gagged. I immediately understood the grittiness complaint, and the taste was awful.

Eventually, I learned to sweeten Ketofood with Pineapple-Coconut Dasani Drops (or liquid sucralose) and to drink it ice cold (blended with crushed ice). I also use a little coconut milk in addition to water to reach the right consistency. The grittiness is still a minor issue, and I don't exactly crave the test, but I no longer feel like I'm choking it down.

Though I had a month's supply of Ketofood stuff, after reading Chris' blog, I decided to order some pre-mixed Ketochow for comparison. The difference is night and day. Ketochow tastes great and is not at all gritty. It's almost too smooth, more like drinking pancake batter than a milkshake, but I haven't experimented much with the mixture yet. It's also quite sweet, without any added sweetner, so the low carb count is amazing. I don't usually drink dairy milk, but the heavy cream doesn't bother me.

Since the Ketochow calorie count is a little lower than I need, while Ketofood may be a little high, I'll try one Ketochow and two Ketofoods a day for a while, buy I'll likely switch to Ketochow more exclusively when I run out of the pre-mixed stuff I have. Pre-mixed is convenient, but it basically doubles the cost. If the difference were less than 50%, I'd more likely buy pre-mixed.

1 review
2 years ago
Excellent overall taste
Higher than average energy level
Below average flatulence
Reviewer tried this recipe more than 10 times
Reviewer is currently using this recipe

Tastes great! I feel healthier, I've lost a healthy amount of weight in a relatively short time, I am snacking less and drinking more fluids. Preparing it and letting it sit in the fridge overnight is best. Also get a couple of flavors so that you don't get tired of one and feel like you're stuck with it.

1 review
2 years ago
Excellent overall taste
Higher than average energy level
Below average flatulence
Reviewer tried this recipe once
Reviewer is currently using this recipe

This tastes great, makes me feel good, and is really well supported. Check out the Keto Chow website at You can actually buy mixed samples from the Author. He has videos to help you make your own and a blog of his ongoing experience.